The best attractions you should see in Skopje

Skopje is a historic city that dates back several millennia, unlike many other Balkan capitals like Belgrade, Sofia, and Zagreb, that only became significant during the 19th century. As a result, it has a complex history and cultural makeup that can be seen in everything from architecture to cuisine to the language. These layers are often fascinating and contradictory. Don’t let the fact that many of the city’s museums are trapped in the Tito era deter you from visiting. It is impossible to leave any of the attractions on the following list without having gained a deeper understanding of the stunning and exquisitely intricate nation of North Macedonia.

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Skopje Castle

The Old Bazaar’s hilltop has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age, according to archaeological excavations. In the early Byzantine era, between the sixth and seventh centuries, a town was first established here.


Stone Overpass

You’ll see why it’s considered one of the city’s main symbols if you take a moment to consider how many people from all social strata and representing such a wide range of cultural backgrounds have crossed this relatively small bridge connecting Plostad Makedonija with the Old Bazaar since it was first built over 550 years ago.


Memorial House to Mother Teresa

This is an interesting diversion for some and a required pilgrimage for others because it was constructed on the site of the former Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral, where she was baptized, and is housed inside another structure that is a strong contender for the title of the ugliest structure in the world.


National Museum of Archaeology

The National Archaeological Museum, which also houses the National Archives, was built as part of the Skopje 2014 project but has already existed for about 90 years as a recognized institution. Its three floors are designed to represent the enormous diversity of Macedonian life and culture from prehistory to the Ottoman period and beyond.


Mosque of Mustafa Pasha

The elegant Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which rises above the Old Bazaar and has a commanding 42-meter minaret, was constructed in 1492 and has somewhat miraculously survived every historical catastrophe that Skopje has managed to subject it to.


Cathedral of St. Clement of Ohrid

The Ministry Temple, also known as the modern Orthodox Cathedral building in Skopje, is located just west of the city’s center and is guided by Saint Clement of Ohrid.


Urban Park

This expansive public area to the north and northwest of the city was first developed at the end of the 19th century and is a very well-liked destination in the warmer seasons. Excellent for biking, walking, or picnicking.


Collection of Illusions

Visit the fascinating and educational Museum of Illusions to see how much your eyes and brain can be tricked. Groups are recommended so that you can witness each other’s transformation.


Millenium Bridge

The 66m Millennium Cross, which is located on Mount Vodno’s highest point and overlooks the city to commemorate two thousand years of Christianity, is actually rather uninteresting, despite the enjoyable journey that leads up to it.


Canyon Matka

The breathtaking Matka Canyon serves as a poignant reminder of just how nearby the mountains are throughout Macedonia. The 5,000ha site, which is only 15 km southwest of the city, offers a variety of activities, from taking a leisurely lunch on the terrace of the Canyon Matka restaurant to taking a boat tour from the nearby small harbor.

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